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🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈

167cm Windmill Cat Tree | Comprehensive Space Capsule Wood Cat Towers

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167cm  Windmill Cat Tree | Comprehensive Space Capsule Wood Cat Towers

The brand new super luxury windmill cat scratching posts from My Rainbow Pets is truly one of a kind. Its whopping 167cm height will provide an incredibly life altering experience for both you and your precious furry friends! It's uniquely beautiful design means that anyone who sees it, just has to come home with one. With space for 3-6 large cats at the same time, this spacious masterpiece is perfect for those looking to share their love of felines with other pet lovers. So if you're tired of disappointing guests with boring old cat scratchers, upgrade today!

The deluxe, oversized edition of this windmill cat trees has every single feature kittens needs! There are stairs for them to climb up, large and plush dens all throughout the structure that also offer plenty of cozy spaces perfect for napping. And let's not forget about their very favorite features: toy balls they can bat around at their own leisure and scratching posts so they can keep their claws sharp. When all these things are gathered together it creates something spectacular - an enormous outdoor cat tree.

The cat tree is an impressively tall 170 cm. It satisfies the cats' need for climbing with its pyramid shape that doesn't shake, while also providing 3D support which ensures stability when they're perched atop it. Additionally, the space capsule provides an excellent view of the kitty's every move - so you can monitor their posture - along with a concave design for optimal comfort for both you and your feline friend.

  • Premium sisal material for durability and scratch resistance.

  • Premium siral material prevents your cat from damaging its nails.

  • Help your cat climb stairs or jump anywhere.

  • Offer visual experience that’s similar to climbing or jumping out of reach places.

  • Oversized cat house offers plenty of space so you never need to worry about if there’s enough room.

  • Scratch post + bell toy = good times ahead!

  • Comprehensive all-in-one design

  • Product Type: Comprehensive Space Capsule Wood Cat Tree

  • Primary Material: wood, paper sisal

  • Assembly Required: Yes

  • Type of Assembly: Minimal

  • Recommended Persons Required for Assembly: 2

  • Recommended Time Required for Assembly: 30mins

167cm Windmill Cat Tree | Comprehensive Space Capsule Wood Cat Trees

  • Overall: 167cm H x 111cm W x 49cm D

  • Number of cats that can be accommodated : 3-6 cats

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

It is really a cat climbing frame with super high appearance and quality~ It is also very simple to install (the drawing is really super detailed steps hahaha) I was worried that the cat would not like it when I bought it, but I did not expect it to be installed in my home The hairy child just looked around and looked around, she loves to stay in the small house the most now hahaha super recommended! ! ! Really very stable! Another ten-pound cub in my family is really not a problem jumping up and down. The most important thing is that the wooden board is super easy to clean. Wipe it and it will be clean.


The product has been installed, and the quality is really super good. I am a very impatient and rough person, so when I fight these things, I have some difficulties, and when I consult the customer service, I even have a little temper, but the customer service is really gentle and works very hard. Helping me solve the problem, I felt a little touched after the installation was completed, and I really want to sincerely apologize to the customer service, sorry. This five-star praise is firstly because of the customer service attitude and ability to deal with problems, and secondly because the quality of the product is really good, friends who like it can give priority to this one.


Ease of Cleaning: Very easy to clean! Wipe it clean with a damp paper towel
Whether it can be disassembled: It is easy to disassemble and can be put together by one person
Pet preference: As soon as I took it to the cat room, a few cats in my family sniffed and said they liked it very much. I took it and jumped on it to play. I love it! !
Load-bearing capacity: 5 cats can climb up without pressure, very strong, and the quality is very good
The customer service is very good in solving problems in a timely manner, the cat climbing frame has no peculiar smell, the packaging is firm, and the express delivery is fast! Recommended to buy! !


As described in the photos, it looks good and is worth buying. I like the things on the Rainbow Pet platform very much.