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🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈

POPOCOLA | Snow House Large Space Cat Litter Box|Snow White

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POPOCOLA | Snow House Large Space Cat Litter Box|Snow White

 Don't like litter boxes with too many color designs? Then this igloo cat litter box with winter characteristics will be your cat's next birthday gift. Whether you use it in winter or summer, it will definitely become your pet companion's best life companion. The latest from MY RAINBOW PETS The perfect gift, the litter box with perfect packaging and extra-large space, the unique design makes your litter box the most eye-catching design in the whole family.

The design of this very distinctive white igloo cat litter box is inspired by the igloo design of the Arctic, symbolizing a quiet, soft and relaxing lifestyle. Also under the simple appearance design, it will also give your cat companions Provide a safe and relaxing lifestyle.

The design of the super large space, no matter what your cat's weight is, it will enjoy the time in it very much, and it will not be restricted by space constraints and freedom of movement, which is a very good design inspiration.

The design of the tight slot in the litter box can effectively prevent the cat's litter from falling in the adjacent area, and also prevent the cat litter particles from hanging on the edge of the gap. When you are ready to clean the litter for your cat, you only need to pull the bottom drawer open, and you can clean and clean it directly. The difference from the previous cat litter box is that the bottom drawer adopts a pulley design , you will be more convenient to pull out the cat litter drawer to clean it, reducing the cleaning time, the design of the side of the cat litter box can prevent your cat litter shovel, which can effectively save space.

  • The design inspired by the arctic igloo, the appearance is fashionable and simple;
  • Large space size, suitable for cats of different sizes and weights;
  • The internal design of the cat litter box adopts a tight card seam design, which effectively isolates the cat litter from other areas next to it;
  • The bottom of the cleaning cat litter box adopts a pulley design, which can clean efficiently and provide a clean space for cats;
  • On the side of the cat litter box, take the area where the cat litter shovel is placed to make the area around your cat litter box cleaner.
  • 1: Product size: 51.6*51.6*45cm
  • 2: Product material: ABS material
  • 3: Product weight: 3.6kg
  • 4: Cat weight recommendation: cats weighing no more than 20kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Daniel R.

It has a very interesting design, as if it is in a small snow house, very cute. The color of the box is also a very fresh snowy white, which blends perfectly into my home design. The size and design of the box allows my cat to get in and out comfortably and leaves enough space for its activities. The entire box is easy to clean and maintain, with a layered interior that allows me to clean the litter easily.


The baffles inside the drawer prevent sand leakage and urine leakage, and they fit perfectly. The space is invincible, the puppet is 15 pounds without pressure, the drawer is large enough, and the height space is also large, and finally found the whole thing.
The closed size is so large, it is much larger than what I use now, and it is really spacious. The sand-carrying situation has also improved a lot, the sealing is good and the odor is good, almost no smell
It smells bad. Compared with cats, I prefer to use this one. It may have a lot of free space.
Bar! The whole is very sturdy, usually just shoveling shit to open the drawer, there is a roller skating at the bottom to push and pull very smoothly, adult cats really need this size! !


Sand leakage prevention ability: much better than the previous closed cat litter box, the leakage prevention cat litter ability is very good, because there is an anti-leakage strip on the top of this drawer, the problems of sand leakage and urine leakage have been well improved Space size: space Big, the cat can circle around inside, the space is ok! Pet preference: My cat likes it very much. I ran to see it as soon as I came back. The pet acceptance is acceptable. Product quality: The quality is very good, and the style of the igloo has a design style. Thanks to my rainbow pet for providing high-quality products!


Pet liking: The child went in and pulled the smelly before it was installed. It can be seen that they are very adaptable


Pet preference: like it, just put it on and try it out
Space size: a very large luxury toilet kitten can be pulled for several days
Product quality: The odor barrier effect is really good! It's beautiful, but bigger than expected
a lot of