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🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈
🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈

Petree 2.0 | Fully Automated & App-Enabled Cat Litter Box | My Rainbow Pets

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Petree 2.0 | Fully Automated & App-Enabled Cat Litter Box | My Rainbow Pets

Create a warm and caring toilet space for your beloved cat, making them feel the warmth of home. The Petree 2.0 Fully Automated & App-Enabled Cat Litter Box is the dreamy haven where your feline friends can dance gracefully and play mischievously. This litter box is not only stylish in appearance, but also incorporates high-tech intelligent elements. It will help you solve the tedious cat litter cleaning problem, allowing you and your cat to enjoy more joyful parent-child moments.

  • Universal cat litter compatibility: Butterfly-shaped filter net design, compatible with various types of clumping cat litter, not picky, satisfying the picky taste of cats;
  • 360° safety sensing: Providing all-round protection for mischievous cats, ensuring their safety while playing;
  • 7-layer safety protection: Caring for cat's health, allowing them to enjoy life worry-free during use;
  • 56L extra-large space: Providing enough activity space for cats, allowing them to freely display their charm;
  • Essential oil deodorization: Plant essential oils eliminate odors, keeping the air around the litter box fresh, focusing on the health of the cat's breath;
  • Easy to disassemble and clean: Simple structure, convenient for cleaning, providing a comfortable and hygienic environment for cats;
  • Smart APP: Keep an eye on the cat's health status at any time, allowing you and your cat to stay closely connected.
  • Product size: 520×520x640mm
  • Product material: PP, PC, TPE
  • Product weight: 10.2kg
  • Cat litter capacity: 4.5L
  • Suitable for pets: 1-8kg
  • Trash bin capacity: 6L

In order to let your cat live a more relaxed and healthy life, Petree 2.0 automatic litter box is undoubtedly your best choice. This cat litter box will become a beautiful scenery in your home, so that your cat can enjoy a special pampering while playing happily.

🐈 Tailored for naughty cats:
Petree's second-generation automatic cat litter box pays special attention to the individual needs of cats, and puts their mischief and healthy growth in the first place. Through the smart APP, you can monitor the cat's toilet frequency, health data, etc. in real time, and pay attention to their life at any time. At the same time, the design of the product is also full of fun, providing cats with an exclusive space full of fun.

🐈 Cat health guardian:
We know that the health of cats is very important, so Petree's 2.0 automatic cat litter box has given full consideration to safety and sanitation. The essential oil deodorization technology adopted effectively eliminates odors and ensures that the air the cat breathes is fresh and harmless. In addition, the 7-fold safety protection system provides the most comprehensive protection for your cats, so that you don't have to worry about their safety when playing.

🐈 Spend quality time with cats:
Petree's second-generation automatic cat litter box allows you to say goodbye to the tedious cleaning work every day, saving more time and energy for you and your cat. This way, you can focus more on the happy time you spend with your cats, playing together, getting closer, and building a deeper bond with them.

Provide a peaceful and comfortable living environment for your cats, so that they can feel the warmth and love of home while exploring the world freely. Choose Petree second-generation automatic cat litter box, your cat will have a better home.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Natalie B.

My pet and I really love this smart cat litter box, its sealing effect is very good, it will automatically clean the cat litter, not only that, its warranty period is also very long, the quality is very good, with a very intelligent design, it is very convenient for my cleaning work.

Agnes S.

After buying this litter box, I don't need to shovel the litter myself, I just need to replace the litter, which is really good and convenient, and the operation of the automatic litter box is also very easy, I love it

Honey P.

As soon as I unpacked and assembled the litter box, my cat looked up and down curiously, and before I knew how to use it, my cat was inside. I can tell that my cat really likes the litter box, haha, I am really happy to buy such a good product

Sampson G.

I couldn't be happier to have this automatic litter box in my home. The design is fun and functional, I love that I can monitor her health and toilet habits via smart apps, and the essential oil deodorant technology is amazing - no more stinky litter boxes! The 7x safety protection system provides peace of mind while my cat plays and explores. The best part is that I no longer need to spend hours cleaning my cat every day, this litter box takes care of everything automatically. The customer service is very good and responsive. He taught me how to use it seriously and patiently and quickly delivered the goods for me. After I compared many websites, My Rainbow Pets gave me the best price. I think this automated litter box is a good investment for any cat owner.

Bert T.

The little ones are very curious about this new litter box, because this litter box is very convenient, they no longer have to fight over the litter box, because the automatic cleaning function of this litter box is very good, the capacity is very large, I am very satisfied