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🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈
🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈

Dog Hill's™ Science Diet™ Adult Oral Care

Original price $43.99 - Original price $155.99
Original price
$43.99 - $155.99
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Hill's Science Diet Oral Care dry dog food provides precisely balanced nutrition to improve dental health.

  • Clinically proven technology reduces plaque & tartar build-up
  • Interlocking fibre technology cleans teeth to help freshen breath with every bite
  • Omega-6 fatty acids & Vitamin E for beautiful skin & coat

Recommended for:

Adult dogs to help provide protection from plaque and tartar buildup

Not recommended for:

Puppies and pregnant or nursing dogs. During pregnancy or nursing, dogs should be switched to Hill’s Science Diet Puppy, Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small Bites or Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small Paws dry dog food. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Private (Australia)

I have two 18lb Shelties. One notoriously gulps all food whole and previous chews meant to help clean her teeth she has swallowed in 2 seconds so they did not get a chance at cleaning her teeth. I hand feed these to her slowly to force her to chew them. It is time consuming but her breath is better and hopefully this will keep her from having to have her teeth cleaned so often or from losing any more teeth. The other dog also is hand fed these slowly as she too can and will swallow these whole. She is not chewing them as long as I would like her to but she has significantly better breath so we shall see if this relates to less dental cleanings needed for her also. I will say they go nuts for these AND the breath is great so I have great hope for these that they are cleaning the teeth. I give them half their regular food in there bowl, then hand feed some of these after and use 1 for each a couple times a day as a treat when coming in from going potty. They leap all over like excited dolphins in a pool- doing acrobatics all over when they think these are coming!!

Katrina (Australia)

My mother is a CVT and insists that this is the best food for your dog unless you want to have their teeth cleaned every year. Since I don't want to put my dog under for something like teeth cleaning (it isn't necessarily good for your pet) and because she hasn't been under for anything else in the last few years, I do use this food. I have been feeding my dog oral care since she was a puppy (2008). She has always been happy eatting this food; her teeth have very little tartar; her coat looks great; and most importantly, she is healthy.You will notice that the food is big chunks. My boston terrier (and my mom's shiba inu and llasa apso) have had no problems eatting the bigger chunks. Small breeds like miniature anything, chihuahuas, and shitzus may have problems eatting this food though.I should also note that this food has a new formula. It does have a smell - not anything bad - just like dog food, but much stronger than it had been previously. I have gone through a few bags of this new formula with no issues. My dog still eats it up. The new formula kibble size is a little smaller than the original formula, but I think that small dogs would still be challenged by it.

wed22 (Australia)

I was skeptical about this since my 1 y/o 10 lb poochon is such a picky eater, but I went with the small size bag for her teeth health. I am impressed how she enjoys eating such gigantic nugget, far more than her usual kibble (Hills little paws chicken puppy, smallest kibble out there). My dog is not an agressive chewer, especially on the food side, she doesn't enjoy treats like rawhide or porkhide, but she seems having no problem chopping down this hard nugget. It is hard, but more airy and crunch inside than her usual kibble, so less dense.She rarely eats breakfast when I give her usual kibble since she has less appetite in the morning. When I mix this into small kibbles, she only eats this giant kibble. So I ended up giving her this (6 nuggets) for breakfast, which she devours slowly but surely(Amazing!), and give usual kibble in the evening.My dog hasn't had teeth problem yet, and I hope this kibble helps to prevent one! I will keep buying this as long as my dog keeps liking it!Update: Feb 2020My now 11lb dog finished 4lb bag in 3 months. She still likes it, and big nuggets in the morning and small kibbles + wet dog food in the evening works fine for her. I do notice her breath is fresh, except for the morning breath. She is now 15 months old, so still too early to tell, but the vet said her oral health is very good for now. I also notice there is no plaque building up. I am subscribing this now, and recommending around other dog owners.As for the reviews that complains about the size being too big, I believe it's up to your dog's preference, rather than the size. I had 5lb yorkie came over, and she destroyed 5 nuggets in no time, loving it. I guess this is worth trying!2nd update March 2021:I have kept my dog's diet as I described above over 1 year now, and my dog is 2 and a half year old, who won't allow me brushing her teeth at all. She doesn't like any dental chews out there, so basically this kibble is the only defender for her oral health. That and her lo.

Courtney J. (Australia)

This stuff is 100% worth the price. My dachshund had the breath of death so bad that she was infamous in my friend circle for it. I canNOT get her to chew on any kind of bone/toy to clean her teeth and was scared her teeth would need to be pulled one day. She's not even halfway thru the giant bag yet and I already see so much improvement. I'm actually sitting here on the couch and she yawned in my face and I didn't want to run away screaming from her breath which prompted me to write this review immediately. The ingredients are also fantastic, I feel like this food is so so much better for her, but that oral changing.

Joyce S.C. (Australia)

First off I don’t write reviews but.....I just received the oral care food. My doxies are small and they are getting old. The oldest is 17 with really bad breath despite cleaning his teeth. I just received these and they are like nuggets and I ordered the small bag just to try. We only give them Science Deit so I felt confident that they won’t get diarrhea or side effects. When I opened it today they attacked these like they were candy. Even the 17 year old is not minding the size. I’ll update later when I see if there breath and teeth changed. Thanks!