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🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈
🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈

Greenies Dog Dental Chews - Original Value Pak TEENIE - 1kg

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Nutrient Content

GREENIES ™ Dental Chews is made with naturally-added vitamins, minerals, taurine and chlorophyll (sodium copper chlorophyll). It can provide complete oral care and provide adult dogs with complete and balanced nutrition and high solubility according to the recommendations of AAFCO. Digestible protein mixture.

The original  flavour
The taste of original will make your dog like it very much

Significant Differences

GREENIES ™ Dental Chews is clinically proven to clean a dog's teeth by fighting plaque and tartar accumulation, freshening breath, and keeping teeth and gums healthy.
Three out of four dogs have oral health problems at the age of three. * Comprehensive oral care is very important to your dog's overall health. Good oral hygiene can extend the life of pets.

ATTENTION: As with any edible product, monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed. Gulping any item can be harmful or even fatal to a dog

Feed 1 capsule of GREENIES ™ Dental Chew every day. Not suitable for dogs less than 2 kg or less than 6 months old.

Dog Size Recommendations:

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11-22kg Regular
22-45kg Large
45kg Jumbo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
A C. (Australia)

I have little dogs and I worry about their dental health (little dogs are more prone to dental decay). I brush my dogs' teeth and I use petzlife oral gel. My vet also reccomended dental chews. It turns out my dogs love greenies! I give one every night. It makes a good reward for teeth brushing because obviously I dont want to give regular treats afterward. I trust my vet so Im hopeful this helps keep their teeth nice and white.Update:I used to give each dog one every night but now Ive cut down to only 2 days a week. I think it may be better because Im not sure the ingredients are that great for them, plus it saves me money! I brush their teeth twice a week and give use oral gel once a week. I figure this is good enough.

Terry (Australia)

My little Italian Greyhound loves treats but hates having her teeth brushed.These little greenies are the perfect solution to getting my dog who hates having her teeth brushed, to help take care of her teeth. She's an older dog so I appreciate a little extra care in making sure the treats are yummy and small enough as well as easy to chew.She was immediately in love with these Greenies and chewed them up in a fashion where she was reaching difficult areas to clean her teeth. They were also the perfect size for a small dog and she didn't choke or gag eating these small yet plentiful treats. They have been a safe treat which she has loved and so have we.I have also noticed an improvement in her breath with these treats!! A great product.Although there is no substitute for brushing, the Greenies provide the perfect supplement to keeping my dogs teeth clean and improving her breath along with keeping her health optimum all in a little bite.

Jess V. (Australia)

I was certain my papillon, who is the world's daintiest little guy and a complete pansy, would never eat anything like this: if given a treat larger than maybe 1", he brings it to me to be broken up (despite having vet-verified perfectly functioning teeth/jaws) because he is afraid of everything including crunching down on something hard. He never in his life chewed anything up and doesn't even like to bite toys.That being said, someone offered him a freebie greenie recently, and - to my great surpise - he chowed down on it. It wasn't even one of these little ones! Though it took him a while, he had gnawed through it, and I promptly bought him a box of more size-appropriate chews. He has had issues with calculus buildup on his teeth in the past even with daily vet-prescribed toothpaste as he doesn't really chew on much, so finding something that gives his teeth a little scrub is great. We are both happy customers!

Get M.S.O. (Australia)

Almost killed my dog. Gave him diarrhea, vomiting...he has always been on a home made diet of lean meat, rice, carrot, peas and probiotics. Until he woke me vomiting BLOOD at 4am. Drove an hour to the nearest emergency room, they keep him in IV, took xrays, test blood and stool and diagnosed: Pancreatitis - which is extremely painful... little guy couldn’t walk or pee unassisted for 3 days and took a week of antibiotics, and 2 weeks of painkillers...3 weeks before he played he has got to go back to get his teeth deep cleaned because Greenies do not work and neay KILLED my dog (maltipoo, 10.8lbs). TERRIBLE. If you can’t eat it, don’t feed it to your dog and go to for recipes and supplements.Worth the money and if you have to cook for yourself, you can make your pups food too..... all the kibbles and processed foods are crap... even the best rated ones are massed produced “McDonald’s” fast food for dogs. If you love them, feed them whole foods! ps. If you can’t return them like me, trash them. DO NOT DONATE.

Floweringplum (Australia)

Both my dogs enjoy these small dental bones daily. I purchase the teenie weenie for my 7lb dogs. One dog will eat the bone as is with no issues, but the other dog because of her underbite needs to have the small bone cut in 4ths for easy access to chewing. I found these dental bones are helpful to avoid bad breath caused by food lodged in between the back teeth and for dogs who are not too cooperative in brushing further into the mouth. My dogs like the flavor. I like the fact the these dental bones are made in a variety of sizes for pets of various sizes. I have found the very small dogs are overlooked when it comes to the size of some dog treats and food products. I purchased in quantity to last me thru the winter months and to not need monthly deliveries. The bag that the bones come in is resealable and be prepared for the concentrated aroma of the dental bones when opened. I would definitely recommend and will be purchasing again. I had no issues with delivery or the quality of the product when it arrived to my home.