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🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈

Greenies Dog Dental Chews - Blueberry Petite pk 20 - 340g

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Nutrient Content

GREENIES ™ Dental Chews is made with naturally-added vitamins, minerals, taurine and chlorophyll (sodium copper chlorophyll). It can provide complete oral care and provide adult dogs with complete and balanced nutrition and high solubility according to the recommendations of AAFCO. Digestible protein mixture.

Blueberry flavour
The taste of blueberries will make your dog like it very much

Significant Differences

GREENIES ™ Dental Chews is clinically proven to clean a dog's teeth by fighting plaque and tartar accumulation, freshening breath, and keeping teeth and gums healthy.
Three out of four dogs have oral health problems at the age of three. * Comprehensive oral care is very important to your dog's overall health. Good oral hygiene can extend the life of pets.

ATTENTION: As with any edible product, monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed. Gulping any item can be harmful or even fatal to a dog

Feed 1 capsule of GREENIES ™ Dental Chew every day. Not suitable for dogs less than 2 kg or less than 6 months old.

Dog Size Recommendations:

Choose the size that suits your dog:




11-22kg Regular
22-45kg Large
45kg Jumbo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tenacious (Australia)

I have 3 small dogs ranging in weight from 11-15 lbs. I purchased the bursting blueberry flavored Teenie dental treats & my dogs love these treats. They get 1 most nights before bed. I find that their breaths aren't as offensive but in addition to these dental treats I also home cook for them. I think the combination of dental treats & home cooking is helping with their breaths. My only gripe is that a bag of 43 Teenies only last 2 weeks if I would give them to my dogs daily. I wish these bursting blueberry flavored dental treats were available in a larger size & grain free like the original flavored dental treats which I have seen in boxes containing 130.

Lokiamus (Australia)

When I rescued my current dog last month he came with a small supply of “snacks” (original Greenies- Teenie size). When it came time to buy more I discovered the Blueberry flavor and of course, it's all about "impress the dog". I know, right? Who doesn’t love blueberries? I just knew he wouldn’t turn his nose up to them, or at least I hoped he wouldn’t. Anyway, it was love at first bite! Not only do these have the benefits of the original Greenies in being easy to chew & digest, freshens breath, cleans teeth, yadda yadda yadda, BUT these could be a nutritional powerhouse with all kinds of antioxidants, fiber etc. which we all know is good for both you and pup. Note I said “could be” since I don’t know for sure. Even if these treats have only the odor replicated and no added benefits, the aroma of blueberries from the bag & treats will have you craving blueberry muffins or pies every time the bag is opened and your dog practically salivating. It will also guarantee the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on your furbaby’s face. Now for the dark side: 3,082 kcal/kg or 24 kcal/treat @ two treats+ a day is. . . ? OMG, my puppy is going to have great teeth, sweet smelling breath, and become the cutest poster child for butterball should he sneak into the bag or not be monitored. Only joking, but like any treat they should be supervised and monitored. My dog loves these treats and for a dog who tends to have selective hearing, he actually knows his name and “listens” when he hears or smells the Greenie Blueberry treat bag. He’s currently at 2 treats per day. I like to think of them as the ‘white chocolate’ of the Greenie production line. Can we please get these packaged in a larger quantity? PS When I open a new bag I'll actually count the contents as many reviews have noted that the bags fall short of the actual count which is something I never thought to do.

azcanadienne (Australia)

I have two little rescue mutts. One is a natural chewer and we generally keep her teeth squeaky clean with Nyla bones, raw beef bones... The other is not! When I first adopted her, her breath was...not as dainty as she is. And after her first dental cleaning at the vet, I spent the better part of a year buying everything on the market, trying to find something that she would gnaw on, to help combat the build-up. But, being the princess she is...she doesn't think chewing is ladylike and turned down everything I gave her. I try and get a toothbrush in her mouth, but she hates it and fights it so much, and since she came from abuse in her prior life, I try and keep her distress minimalAt the holidays, I came across a small bag of the blueberry greenies on sale at my local pet store, and thought "well, if she won't eat them, I know my other baby will" and tossed them in the cart to put in her stocking. From the moment we opened the bag, her nose perked up, her tail was wagging her whole body, she grabbed the greenie and took off! Normally, she'd "bury" my latest attempt in pillows and snarl if my other dog came near - even if she didn't want it, she didn't want her sister to have it. But to my (delighted) shock...she immediately started chewing and it was GONE in a minute! She, in no uncertain terms, LOVES them!!! They are now a regular part of our bedtime potty routine - after they come in, they run immediately to the laundry room, and every couple of days, they get a blueberry greenie. Her breath is MUCH better, the tartar is MUCH improved and we may even be able to stretch her yearly cleanings to every 18 months or two years. I'm thrilled beyond words! Please don't ever discontinue these - or I'll be buying a lifetime supply and renting a storage locker for them!

JC (Australia)

My dog is addicted to these. I don't know what it is about Greenies, but the dogs in my family have some serious issues when it comes to greenies.My dog WAKES US UP AT 5 IN THE MORNING for these. I wish I was kidding. It's part of her routine to get one first thing in the morning. Well, now she wants to decide when first thing in the morning is and she chose a time before the sun is even up.Another dog in my family learned to scam them from his parents. He gets one before bed from one parent, eats it, goes running to another parent and acts like he never got one.I mean, their teeth look great, the have pretty good breath, they love eating them, it hasn't made them sick and the blueberry smell is pleasant and whatever. But these dogs are turning into little monsters and I'm very sure that these are why.