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🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈

180cm HONEYPOT Solid Wooden Cat Scratching Tree

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180cm HONEYPOT Solid Wooden Cat Scratching Tree

Looking for a tall, sturdy and stylish cat tree? Look no further than the MY RAINBOW PETS- 180cm HONEYPOT Solid cat scratching posts. This premium cat scratchers is made from solid wood and stands a whopping 180cm tall, making it the perfect playground for your feline friend. It features multiple platforms, sisal posts and a cosy hammock, providing your furry friends with hours of fun and relaxation. Plus, the simple yet stylish design means it will look great in any home. So give your kitty the ultimate climbing experience with the MY RAINBOW PETS- 180cm HONEYPOT Solid Wooden Cat Scratching Tree.

If you're looking for a high-quality, durable cat trees, look no further than the 180cm Solid Wooden Cat Scratching Tree. This scratching posts is made from Russian sylvestris pine, which is known for its fine texture and straight grain. This prevents mold and termite infestation, while also being very water-resistant. The cat trees is also solid wood, so it's very sturdy and will last a long time. The top of the furniture has a Velcro sofa bed that is super soft and comfortable for your cat. The bed is also detachable and machine-washable. The tree itself is also very stylish, with a classic birch wood finish that will look great in any home.

  • Product Type: 180cm HONEYPOT Solid Wooden Cat Scratching Tree

  • Primary Material: Plywood (birch) with pine, Russian plywood, New Zealand pine, sisal, flannel mat, space bowl.

  • Assembly Required: Yes

  • Type of Assembly: Minimal

  • Recommended Persons Required for Assembly: 2

  • Recommended Time Required for Assembly: 30mins

  • Overall: 180cm H x 75cm W x 56cm D

  • Package size: 77.5*59*38cm

  • Packing weight: about 32 kg

This Wooden Cat Scratching Tree is the perfect addition to your home. It's filled with microfiber inside, so your cat can scratch and claw to their heart's content. The thickened plate is customized multiple times of grinding, and the material of the plate is smooth. The bottom plate is reinforced with 6 foot pads to protect the ground, reduce friction and prolong the service life. This Cat Scratching Tree is not only beautiful, but also hard and powerful. It can bear at least 180KG, and the diameter is about 15cm. It's the perfect choice for cat lovers who want the best for their furry friend.

Introducing the perfect addition to any cat-lover's home - the Wooden Cat Tree!

This sturdy and stylish cat tree is made from high-quality materials, making it durable and long-lasting. It features a large sofa nest that's perfect for your feline friend to curl up in, as well as a U-shaped board that provides a comfortable hammock. The cushions are easy to remove and wash, making it easy to keep your cat tree clean and looking like new.

At 32kg, this cat tree is stable and secure, even when multiple cats are playing on it at the same time. It's the perfect place for your cats to scratch, climb, and lounge around, and is sure.

Looking for a fun, safe and stable place for your feline friend to run, jump and scratch? Look no further than the Cat Tree! Our Cat Tree is made from sturdy materials and features a U-shaped bed for your cat to relax in. The columns are interconnected and staggered to increase stability, even if multiple cats are playing on it at the same time. Plus, the Cat Tree is also equipped with a scratching post to help keep your cat's claws healthy and sharp. Give your cat the gift of fun and exercise with the Cat Tree today!

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Most importantly, we offer Australian certified pet food and health care products, so you know you're getting the best of the best. MY RAINBOW PETS is the perfect place to find everything you need to make your pet's life complete. Follow us and welcome to the family!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rita M.

As a cat owner, I have been looking for a cat scratch board that is both practical and high quality. Finally, after purchasing a 180cm HONEYPOT Solid Wooden Cat Scratching Tree, I found it was just what my cat and I needed! His height allows my cats to fully stretch and build their muscles. It is made of solid wood and has a stable structure, which is very suitable for my cat to climb, scratch and play. It also has a plush nest, which provides a comfortable resting place for the cat. When I saw my cats lounging and napping in their den, I knew they were totally in love with this cat-scratching tree. When I have any questions about the product, the customer service team can always reply to me in the first time and answer all my questions. This quick response made me feel very reassured and deepened my trust in this product. And it was shipped to me very soon. The packaging was very delicate and complete. This cat tree gave me and my cat a great surprise. Not only is it practical, but it also makes our homes more welcoming. I will continue to buy back pet products from My Rainbow Pets and I have a very high level of trust in them

Camille W.

My family and I are very satisfied! Because it is made of good quality solid wood material, it is very sturdy and can hold my cat's weight without shaking. It also has multiple platforms and resting Spaces, providing a good place for my cat to move and rest. I am very happy with my purchase! The structure of the cat tree is very strong, it is made entirely of wood, has many platforms and scraping boards of different sizes, and a warm nest for my cat to rest in. My cat loves to lie in her den and is very fond of climbing platforms of different heights to play. The installation of the cat tree was quick and easy, and my husband and I were able to install it with ease. The customer service team is also very patient and professional. They answered my questions and provided some installation tips to help me install it smoothly. I really enjoy shopping at My Rainbow Pets which I would recommend to my family and friends 🌲🐾 the style matches my decorating style very well and the customer service is very responsive and friendly. They patiently answered my questions and helped me make purchasing decisions. Best of all, the prices are very affordable, which allows me to provide high-quality practical products for my cat without spending too much money. I really enjoyed the shopping experience

Beacher C.

I just finished assembling this cat tree with my husband and I really think it's a great pet product to buy! Made of high quality solid wood, it is very durable and has multiple platforms and resting areas for my cat to rest and move around freely. The tree also comes with multiple claw sharpening boards to meet my cat's needs and avoid damaging our furniture and flooring. During the purchase process, the customer service was very positive and friendly, giving me timely help and answers. The price is also very reasonable and fair, which makes it worth my while. Besides, the delivery speed is very fast, so I can receive the goods quickly. When I received the goods, the packaging was complete and the assembly was easy. I really enjoyed the shopping experience

Elroy B.

It USES high-quality solid wood, which is strong and durable. He allows my cat to scratch, climb and rest freely on it. It also has cute toys and multiple scratching columns that allow my cat to play and exercise. Now buy is the price discount, the service is thoughtful, let a person very satisfied!

Uriah W.

I love this 180cm cat scratch tree and I am very happy with my purchase! He is the ultimate scratching paradise for my cats, providing them with endless entertainment while controlling their claws. The tree is made of a strong wood material, ensuring its durability and stability. The height of the tree allows for a lot of vertical scratching, which is perfect for my cat, who loves to climb and scratch. What really impressed me was the excellent customer service and speed of delivery this company provided. They are very sensitive and considerate to my needs. They patiently taught me the installation process, the delivery speed was very fast, the packaging was very beautiful, and the price was the most favorable after I compared many companies. This cat tree is a great investment in my cat's happiness and the life of my furniture! I will continue to buy pet supplies at my Rainbow pet store. They are so satisfying 🐾🌳💕