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🌈 Spend Over $69 and Enjoy Free Metro Area Shipping | Order Below $69, Shipping Fee From $7.95 🌈

ZIWI PEAK Cat Air Dried - Mack&Lamb

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  • HIGH MEAT. GENTLY AIR-DRIED: ZIWI Peak’s Mackerel & Lamb air-dried recipe combines the nutrition of raw diets with the safe convenience of dry foods. Pure and simple, featuring 96% seafood, lamb, and organs, all gently air-dried to lock in nature’s goodness. A nutrient-dense recipe, one portion of dry food is made from three portions of raw seafood, lamb, and organs. Ready-serve peak nutrition. Simply scoop & serve.


  • PEAKPREY® RATIOS: In nature, cats consume the whole animal to obtain their nutritional needs. That’s why ZIWI Peak’s Mackerel & Lamb’s recipe features unmatched inclusions of whole seafood, nutrient-rich lamb, organs, and bone, in authentic PeakPrey® ratios to match your cat’s biological needs.
  • ULTRA LOW CARB: Carbohydrates often contribute to health issues such as food sensitivities, diabetes, and obesity. ZIWI Peak’s Mackerel & Lamb recipe is made without unnecessary carbohydrates such as legumes or grain and is free from high glycemic carbohydrates like potato or pea starch.


  • Z-BOOST® SUPERFOODS: The ultimate nutritional boost for carnivores, featuring a 10% superfood blend of cold-washed green tripe, whole New Zealand Mussels, and organic kelp. Brimming with nutrients, digestive enzymes, and probiotics, green tripe is a naturally delicious superfood. Rich in chondroitin, glucosamine, and omega-3, New Zealand Green Mussels is nature’s remedy for joint, skin & coat health, while kelp is a powerhouse source of trace vitamins and minerals.
  • ETHICAL & SUSTAINABLE: New Zealand’s green pastures and pristine waters produce ZIWI Peak’s world-class ingredients. Farmed without growth hormones, Mackerel & Lamb’s free-range, grass-fed, and grass-finished lamb is raised under New Zealand’s Freedom Principles, and the seafood is sustainable, from the world’s top ranked fisheries.

ZIWI’s delicious PeakPrey® recipes combine the best of raw diets with the safe convenience of dry foods. Nature's goodness is locked in through gentle air drying, without artificial preservatives.

Good food starts with great ingredients and ZIWI’s home in New Zealand has the very best. ZIWI’s farmers and fishermen believe wholeheartedly in the Māori concept of "kaitiaki". As guardians of the land, sea, and its creatures, ethical and sustainable isn't just a standard - it's a way of life.

Crafted by passionate Kiwis in ZIWI’s very own kitchens, dedicated to creating recipes that bring joy and peace of mind to pets and their guardians.

The best of New Zealand’s land and sea, featuring whole, wild-caught blue mackerel from the remote waters of New Zealand’s North Island and world-class, grass-fed lamb, raised on lush seaside pastures. Perfect for cats or kittens, serve this delicious combination as a topper or complete meal. Simple, tasty, and full of purr-worthy nutrition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

We are still working on these. My cat loved them when I first opened the bag. However, she had gotten into a lizzard that morning and her tummy was upset. She has accociated the food with the episode so now she doesn't gobble so much.


POSITIVE -Has all the ingredients my pets need and none (to my knowledge) that can harm them -Variety of recipes. A favorite of my pets is the mackerel & lamb recipe -I’ve been feeding this food to my ferrets and cat for a few months now and they’ve never looked healthier (weight and coat) -My ferrets’ poop has been more solid (I used to feed them wysong epigen 90 starch free and it made their poop so loose almost like diarrhea) -My pets’ smell has reduced -They’re more active and look happier -Less amount of food per serving since they get fuller quicker -One of the closest kibble option to raw NEGATIVE -Dry but so are most kibbles. I just wet it for 5 min before feeding -On the pricier side but my pets’ health worths every dollar. You know you’re paying quality. VERDICT If you decide to feed your pets kibble then I 100% recommend ziwi air dried food for cats (and ferrets, don’t know about the dog or wet food lines) even with those two “negative” points.


Our cat who is on the mature and cranky side of life loves this food. Our only problem is that she will decide she wants more (having already finished her nighttime snack) in the middle of the night and will howl until we comply.


my ferrets hair has been so much softer and switching them to the two has made then so much more energetic i love how theres no corn, peas and stuff like that :)


My cat who refuses to eat wet food will eat this food! I can tell he would prefer a less healthy option (and my other cat won’t touch it) but he will eat it and I have noticed significant improvements in his health since he has. He already seems to have more energy and better muscle tone, after a month of feeding Ziwi. He is getting so much more animal protein, and no fillers, with this food! It is expensive, but comparable with the price of wet food, which he should be eating anyways. Cons: he won’t eat the crumbled powder on the bottom, and there tends to be a lot of this